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  1. Myth , not sure if you processed me but if you could return my inbox capacity, I would appreciate it.
  2. Remember that conversation we had a month ago? Check the chatbox archive please.
  3. put one too many 0's there, sorry, it was 2,500. My bad
  4. It was at 25,000 before ^^" gonna need to delete a lot of old stuff...
  5. 1) What does "do a big solid" mean?
    2) I don't know what your old inbox capacity was, but I raised it to 1000.
    3) I'll contact you about the Statbook closer to the start of the war.
  6. By the way, if you need someone to help with statbook, my schedule has opened up a lot XD
  7. Myth, would you be so kind as to help with that?
  8. Say Myth, could you do a big solid and give me back my old inbox capacity? ^^"
  9. Hey Myth, I was just thinking I was surprised my inbox hadn't gotten full yet so I checked my inbox limit, and after I saw it, I want to just give you a bear hug man. You are amazing.
  10. Done.
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