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  1. Yea I'm just trolling. Please don't let people take it to heart. If they do. Well sorry not sorry.
  2. It's too big. The maximum size is 150x150.
  3. Can you post this image, on my avatar.
    It says it's to large.
  4. Can you process all my vcash, I don't know when I will be back.
  5. Given.
  6. *cough* *hack* *weeez* Vcash?
  7. Given.
  8. Gerv me mer VerCersh!
  9. xD It's because I didn't realize that it's been two weeks already (and actually it's been 3, lol). Remind me next week if I don't do it by next Friday.

    The Bronze ribbon was for getting 15,000 vCash. I was waiting until I gave the second installment before giving the ribbon.
  10. I still only have 14k Vcash. Why? I also haven't received my ribbons for such Vcash.
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