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  1. I'll look around. Not sure who I can trust with these shifts. They're going well for me now, kinda slacked the past hour but I got my head phones in the power mop is fucking coming out. Fucking cleaning bro.

  2. #CleanUpJew

    Feel free to hire some high-caliber interns in my absence.

    That is... if you can't handle the double shift. :3
  3. Read the blogs

  4. #CleanUpCrew
  5. #CleanUpCrew
  6. I know you ummm have skype and if you're ever feelin horny hit me up
  7. 10 10 10 10 10 20 twinkies on her titties bitch
  8. Last night...was good dude. That one match on Delta when you almost got us my god I was on fire with sniper but good game dude.
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