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  1. I WILL be there Sunday. I'm only busy on the weekdays, as I have a tennis match Monday-Friday every day for the next 3 weeks.

    But weekends, I've got all day. I'll get people on then.
  2. i wont be on until a little after 6 sunday. you won't be attending the battles on sunday right?
  3. If we can't get a practice today, just plan to have everyone get on 4:30ish Sunday.
  4. Ok well I need you to talk to your guys for me then because like 5 of them were on, but didn't accept the invite for practice today so please try to get them to come Friday if not early Sunday then
  5. Probably not. If I get back by 6 and my xbox decides to work, yes, but that's highly unlikely.
  6. Can you run this Friday's practice?
  7. I PM'ed him too x.x
  8. Im trying to get Yehsus to stay right now
  9. Are you still going to be willing to run Aeneas?
  10. My team's roles are up to date.
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