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  1. Yeah that how splitting up the God Squads thing wont work in Blue because most of the players in Blue are skilled so no matter how you split it up you are going to have 2-3 people from the God Squads in the new squads that they make. I asked about Clan Affiliates in the REDD new army structure and they are going to let you guys still play together but for people like me I would just be placed wherever and I didn't like that idea.
  2. I'm not big on their structure either tbh... But at the moment I'm more worried about WC splitting my squad up than structure. I understand your move, if things were more equal, I'd stay on blue, but sparta is hungry.
  3. Yeah I didn't like the new Army Structure REDD picked and I didn't like the War Council's decision about not letting Myth play in REDD. All he was going to do was help the army practice and create a squad possibly.
  4. We were hoping to play a bit with you when we switched, until we saw you went back to blue x.x. Good luck to you too.
  5. TRAITOR! Jk good to see that you care about this community. I wish you luck on the battlefield my friend.
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