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  1. sure
  2. hey, also, can you let whoever know (Hellwolf i guess) that ill be a little late, i get off work as the battle night starts
  3. Hey bro I love ur sig, as for your new profile .........
  4. why? lol
  5. remind me to stay away from Seattle coffee houses
  6. ohhh, thats John Lauinitus (his last name is spelt wrong)... but hes the GM of RAW and Smackdown, and tomorrow night at the PPV he faces John Cena 1v1
  7. lol it was a joke, On the commercial some guy in a suit was beating up John Cena who's arm is in a sling
  8. ummmm lol... idk, never saw that... might be something dealing with Smackdown... i dont watch Smackdown much so im not sure lol
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