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  1. so I saw a WWE commercial today....why is there a lawyer beating up a cripple for their next PPV event?
  2. lol sounds good to me
  3. no... we recreate a commercial for them, however we ruin it by killing the key guy lol
  4. We're making an Allstate commercial?
  5. First video... Allstate lol
  6. tomorrow works for me, idk if ill be on tonight past 8, but we'll see.
  7. maybe tomorrow night? gonna work on the armor tonight with a buddy of mine... tomorrow or later tonight we can chose the first subject
  8. Yea that sounds awesome, when do you wanna start?
  9. Halo... two guys are talking about what on TV bothers them... as they mention a certin commercial/tv show, in the far distance the commercial/tv show is happening... at some certin point the key character gets shot by the sniper... video goes back to the two people where the sniper says a smart ass comment about what he just did... show ends...

    this show can be done with ALOT of shows/commercials lol
  10. Ok sweet, what game(s)?
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