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  1. Yeah. Otherwise I wouldn't keep playing in FC events (unless if I transferred to VbD, which would be awesome but not worth it).
  2. Are you switching with Legacy?
  3. While that's cool and all, my availability will be going down as I enter college for my second year. Additionally, I won't have a computer next to me to view the statbook once I get to college and I'm leaving for college next Sunday (so I won't be there for battles on the 1st).
  4. Hey max you have been entrusted to setup games. So you are now able to setup games on your own without a FM present. Download the gametypes and maps from Myth's fileshare and use the statbook to find out who you must invite during battlenights.
  5. Do you want to get on tonight from some scrims between 9-10pm est?
  6. For our squad we won't take in any more people. We r just gonna stay a solid 9 for the whole war.
  7. What the hell?
  8. I remember just like it was yesterday.
  9. That doesnt make me happy
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