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  1. Seven is to many, I have no use for 7 people. I can organize many people, but I have no reason to have 7 members. I don't have any real reason to be active on Sundays. Having a squad of 4 (self included) that I know can be on Sundays, gives me a reason to be on.
  2. I can't give you a Fireteam unless you show some activity on battle nights AND you provide me a roster of at least 7 active members.
  3. //Requesting...
    //A sub form for Fireteam X-Ray in a company. Doesn't matter which.
    //Stand by for further information.

    Correction on A.I highlight...
    Please place X-Ray on standby in 1st "Phoenix Fire" Battalion
    Thank you.
  4. hey happy birthday Ninja!
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