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  1. It was a glitch, when you closed it, so did Yehsus, because it uses the same code to close and open it opened as soon as Yehsus closed it.
  2. What happened in that thread? It said closed up top, but it wasn't..Dunno if it's my touchpad or my settings..
  3. It'll come in with the new skin later today.
  4. So, how's that custom usergroup coming?
  5. Lol I guess xD
  6. Alright. Any chanceyou could make a spartan with a gorilla head as my custom? I'll send links after I eat.
  7. You should link me a screenshot of a spartan for a custom usergroup
  8. I usually can get him quicker on FB I don't know maybe just lucky moments xD
  9. Yeah. Was hoping to plead my case to eri before ya'll began, but haven't been able to get in touch with him..
    But go ahead, hopefully all the facts will be presented, and bias won't interfere again.
  10. Sorry, haven't gotten back to you, but the four of us are gonna get together to talk about your request cause only we can truly decide who joins and stuff like that so I'll try to get back as soon as I can.
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