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  1. xD No problem. We are likely going to do a bit more on Friday if you're available.
  2. Sorry I wasn't on... I was at a friends house till 3 in the morning and just remembered when I woke up X.X
  3. Done.
  4. Good morning/afternoonish. Can you please change my name to Nocte. Please and thank you.
  5. Okay, I moved you to PFC.

    Best of luck to you in your life!

    May I point you in the direction of this forum so that you can make the proper changes. Thank you.
  7. You mean when I said BLUE is at the disadvantage now? It wasn't a serious statement. xD
  8. What was the post for? How is BLUE at an imbalance?
  9. oh lol
  10. Fuzzy put them up yesterday. xD
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