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  1. mmmmmmmmmmhm..... suuuuuuuuuuure
  2. Brah I've been here the whole time.
  3. Hey you may want to update your sig....
    Last time I checked I had 109/500 Distinguished (5/7) *cough*
  4. I plan to keep that one if not both lolol
  5. LMFAO I love your quotes bro, I know you change your sig a lot but keep those. At least the Blackhawk one lololol
  6. lol i want to bro. But it has to be with Skinney as well... we got to fuck San Fran up together haha
  7. lol hey homie, im drunk

    You shud visit San Francisco.

  8. iv gotz a gamlinz problemz
  9. You got the Gold Money Hog ribbon less than a week ago and now you're broke. WTF happened?
  10. True Story Bro
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