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  1. How've you been bud!
  2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  3. Come back soon.
  4. i miss you </3
  5. Whenever a Recruit needs one and our schedules work haha.
  6. Hey when is the next boot camp ? I want to get out of ROTAalready :P
  7. hey donkey is there anything i could do around the website? i am so useless without a member ship :P
  8. * faceplam * sorry I have been putting in monthly data
  9. Alright, it's all good. By the way, since it's weekly, include weekly data. We didn't have 6 practices this week >_>
  10. i have no idea why my report didnt send monday . i resent it . sorry for the mix up
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