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  1. Any time
  2. Alright, thanks man.
  3. Yeah, what you can do is right click the pic you want and click "view image" this will pull up another tap and will have the link to the pic that you can post in your sig
  4. Ok, then I just have to find the code for the awards on the awards page?
  5. You have to figure out what awards you qualify for your self. Best way would be to look at each game on the stat book and just figure out what works
  6. Hey Silko, how do I know if I've gotten any awards from the last war? Am I supposed to find them myself and then find the code? Or is there a thread somewhere that tells everyone what awards they've won?

    I'm a noob when it comes to stuff like this, and Fuzzy isn't answering me . . .
  7. Aight thanks man.
  8. To answer your question on how to get a bronze money bag send Myth a message to get it
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