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  1. no problem
  2. hey man umm i left NWK awhile ago so u dont need to do that any more lol but i do appriciate that u were willing to help tho thanks man
  3. Hey Havoc, so you and i are talking about making a youtube channel for you guys (as in yor clan)... i just have some quick questions. Are you wanting me to:

    - Make a layout for it?
    - Make videos?
    - Make an entire profile?

    cuz i might be able do these things starting soon... Please understand i have only 130GB left on my laptop at the moment, each video can be up to 5GB
  4. ok will do than bro i appriciate u helping me out thank you very much and let me know if u will join my clan so than that way i can get u set up this weekend
  5. send me another message reminding me about the channel sometime next week
  6. oh no we dont play grifball we are a slayer clan and we just chill and have fun alot of the time im the only one that plays grifball all the time but there are always people on to play slayer with

    and thats fine just so long as we can get a youtube channel up would be absolutly amazing
  7. im not a big fan of griffball... nothing against it, but i get bored far to easily when playing it... so im going to have to decline that offer, however try to get them to join FC

    and about your youtube channel, i might be able to help, however right at this very moment im on a stand still on work
  8. well
    1. idc if u channel isnt as popular thats ok it will grow over time
    2. i can provide ideas for videos but u will learn and u will get better just keep working at it ok i have faith in you
    3. well i have a thread about the basics on my clan its in the introduction forum so feel free to check that out
  9. few things about that:
    1: As you can see my channel isnt even popular itself
    2: I dont have alot of experience in video making, however im teaching myself with whatever i have.
    3: Depends on the kind of clan, im not a hardcore gamer.... so give me a little more info about it and then we can talk
  10. well im in a clan and i would like to be able to get a channel on youtube for our clan so we can get my clan out there and u have everything we need to be able to get one up there so if u would mind helping us out to get a channel on youtube that would be great and maybe even join my clan
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