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  1. I call dibs on being the next Myth0nian.
  2. MYTH, my favorite Robot! Happy Birthday! ULTRAPIGCORE!
  3. Alright, sounds good. I'll just wait for the more updated version then.
  4. A pre-official "v0" version will be on my fileshare at about 10:00 PM EST. An edited, official version will be uploaded tomorrow afternoon after the forge department meeting.

    The official version will have weapon changes, spawning adjustments, objective revisions, and possibly some minor structural adjustments. We'll be changing a lot, so don't get attached to the pre-official "v0" one once it's uploaded.
  5. Hey Myth, not to rush you or anything, could you give me an estimate as to when the FC version of The Pit will be up on your fileshare? THANKS.
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