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  1. Tested Smite, the tutorial played fine so not sure I need a driver update.
  2. Just a heads up bud, don't forget to post the Bootcamp Log :P I know you left and went right to bed and likely are at work all day, just reminding you. If you can't do it, I can post it for you.
  3. Copy that. I have another potential FTL for the other Team, I just don't know which Team yet because some people want to be together cause they know each other. So I don't know who I'm going to be moving where until I set down and have some time.

    Standby for an automated PM being sent to you. Once you answer the automated PM, you'll be all set.
  4. Everything looks good to me, and i think i can take over Fire Team Victor since India has some form of leader and Victor doesn't. As far as everything else i can get into the swing of that once i get my H4 console and get online
  5. Alright well I have a Fire Team Leader deficiency at the moment, so if you're willing to fill it I would be appreciative. The emblem I only have mandatory during practices, battle nights, and official meetings, so you can have your no camping sign anytime else xD We do have practices every Monday Thursday and Saturday at 8 PM EST, I just ask that if you can't make a practice, just post in the practice log that you can't attend for that day. I'll set you up with being Fire Team Leader of either VICTOR or INDIA Team depending. Make sure you review the REDWATCH Headquarters and Practice threads to make sure that you're okay with everything then report back to me.
  6. I will take a leadership role if it is needed, as of right now I am always on the forums so i can do stuff on here if you need me too, plus like i said i wont be on xbox till halo 4 comes out and i get the new H4 xbox and as for xbox activity once i get it that will be determined based off of how work goes once i get my certification, but i should be fairly active. and as for changing to the symbol, i got no problem with it. change it for battlenights and then back to my "No Camping" sign after were done
  7. Well, you're in luck since I'm the Director of REDWATCH you already have an in! :P

    I thought I put somewhere to message me if you're interested in joining but I guess not. How active do you plan on being? Do you want some sort of leadership role right now? Also, are you against changing your emblem to the REDWATCH emblem?
  8. I think i would do the most good in REDWATCH seeing as how it has 1 warrant officer and then the next highest is a staff sergeant other than the CO and XO. don't see any place to sign up in any particular squad though :/ it really has been forever since i did this last
  9. That would be up to you. Depends on what you want.
  10. Any idea which Squad i should join? Haven't had to do this in what feels like ages :/
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