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  1. You're green again. :I
  2. I'll be playing an unhealthy amount of Skyrim with my one friend xD We already said we're going to explain to our professors that how can we be in class when the good people of the Skyrim realm need our assistance fighting off dragons?!
  3. My J4F friends and myself are balls deep with this game.. Myself especially 333
  4. I hear you, I'm gonna be the same way with Skyrim. xD. So hyped.
  5. Well, the new maps are coming out with CE. So... I should have a burst of activity.. But don't count on my full compliance, as Skyrim is the apple of my eye come November 11. Don't count on trying to get ahold of me much. Ill be in J4F parties and loving myself some Skyrim.
  6. Ah, okay. Just wondering who REDD had to work with. Like even if you could just play with some members sometimes, anything xD
  7. Mostly caused by some form of entertainment on the forums. Drama.. Shit like that. Funny stuff I can chuckle at.
  8. Honestly, couldnt tell you.. I have spontaneous spurts of activity.
  9. Hey bud, do you know have active you can be? D=
  10. Get online right now, bootcamp.
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