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  1. No Problem brother the white just looks "wierd" lol. thanks for the heads up regardless.
  2. Sorry, can't do. Username color is directly related to usergroup. I can't do it to an individual member.
  3. Myth, I know that I haven't been around long enough to be a "respected member" but could I get my username colored anything but I'm willing to fork up 4g's Vcash and/or hard labor in a Silicon Valley chip assemply facility to get it Dark Orange.

  4. Done.
  5. The trooper mentioned needs a USER Group adjustment due to his recent promotion. Thanks.

    First Lieutenant SIN180NYC
  6. Purchase processed.
  7. My first "personal" purchase. One line. colored REDD. that reads "Facta non Verba"... Put it on my tab brother, Please and Thank YOU!
  8. Purchase processed.
  9. Transfer all my vCash to the REDD Army... Please, and Thank You!
    CPT Nav
  10. My apologies, I send that same visitors message to you, Raz and Met. I try to keep those nasties off our property!

    <------ The day shift FC WatchDog!
    We are always Watching! lol
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