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  1. Fuck. You.
  2. Greinke almost blew it for you guys too, Mets had the lead until Utley decided it would be a good idea to initiate a hate crime on 2nd base. Dodgers are gonna need their 3 & 4 starters to play a much tighter game.

    Giants fell apart this year, no was to dance around it. Injuries aren't an excuse because the Cardinals made it to playoffs with 100 wins and they were all beat up worse. We'll have a good off season though with Lincecum, Affeldt, & Hudson gone. We'll have a lot of money to get a good #2 starter behind MadBum. Next year will be a good season for us. And if we can dominate the Dodgers again next season like we did this year the division should be easy to take.
  3. Good thing Greinke can keep us in the game. Hey how are the Giants doing this playoffs season?
  4. Good thing Kershaw is so dominant in October...
  5. Bitch please, those Mets about to catch a beating! GO DODGERS!!
  6. Go Mets!!!
  7. oh you're going to a Dodger game? So am I. I get to see them play the Giants in San Francisco next Friday. And Metallica will be there too. So they can witness the Dodgers get their asses handed to them too!
  8. Seeing as we had a bigger dick contest that I won I felt that I should share that I am going to a dodger game tomorrow so suck it bitch!
  9. we will see about this year buddy
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