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  1. Transferred.
  2. Its nothing against you or anyone else Im just gunna see how it looks over there.
  3. Transferred.
  4. Hey need a transfer to November before I leave

  5. No problem sir I will do you proud Commander Ninja always suceedes in the end.
  6. You've been designated as Fire Team Leader for CLUBS over in the Wildcards.

    I look forward to seeing you in action on the battlefield this Sunday.

    Thanks, bud.
  7. Hey Was woundering if I could be placed in Nerma's squad I will be battleing this sunday!

  8. Thanks!
  9. No harm; no foul.

    I'll see you online in a bit...I'm hanging out with my plumber right now.

    Long story.

    Thanks, bud.
  10. Hey can we talk on XBL some things were taken wrong about the suggestion I made...

    Thaks bud!
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