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  1. The practice attendance is sad and needs to improve. Just a thought. (Referring to India squad practices)
  2. It's not a bad idea Lyrics. I was just thinking that we're going to need a specialist like the other two teams. But I'm not sure I want to make it a reward for the best fighter. Being a good fighter doesn't make you a good leader. I had you picked out as my right hand back when you were always negative. I could see your leadership skills. Oh, And I do expect you to work with Oge and Chawclet to continue this amazing improvement you have going.
  3. We should have a competition in India. Post a thread saying first to 100 individual matchmaking kills on REDD gets a surprise. The surprise? Promotion to specialist. Thoughts?
  4. MDMYAY brought in A Teady Bear and OgePodge brought in A grumpy Crimson. We're close to ready sir.
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