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  1. your seriously one of the only people i respect anymore... and i thank you that my friend
  2. isk if you got any of my messages, but lets do the LASOtomoorow... figure out the guest and lets do it bro
  3. empty your inbox... btw thats hella creepy that he sounds like me lol
  4. ()()
    ( '.') <--- bunny!!
  5. its i plan on doing a machinima series, and it would be good to have it, instead of relying on other people to do it
  6. ill get the disk easily.. i have my ways... but EasyCap i heard is really good, but theres a WHOLE lot better ones... ill upgrade in the future, but this is only a temporary setup, i want to do something for FC with it...
  7. well i just put a bid on ebay for (i deleted it so no one bids on it lol)
  8. how much did that cost you, i plan on buying one soon.. i might not buy Homefront just for it.. but idk
  9. how are you doing them... capture card??? or do you have a shit load of cash to spend on Bungie Pro lol
  10. machinima??? i read you had one (or atleast an idea).. im pretty interested
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