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  1. Okay...
  2. can you return the vcash from the contest back to everyone, I'm not gonna be on the FC website for a while due to traveling so I'm ending the contest. and if you can, message those people there vcash is returning as well?
  3. check the contest thread, there is a chance for bonus points
  4. Subsection? If you get up to 20 people, sure.

    I'll get vCash from them momentarily.
  5. Also, canu get cash from platinum and purple gamer?
  6. Any chance I can have a small subsection for the contest?
  7. Done.
  8. no could you put both are names on the main desk and the subforum be known as redwatch please with me and raider being moderators of the main desk and the subforums.
  9. Can you change the name of Reaper's desk to "Reaper and Raiders desk"? (fix grammar for me please). also add a subforum of "Redwatch Story" please. lastly, make Raider a moderator of the desk as well.
  10. Processed. Have skinnyfingers send me a message about it.
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