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  1. ok cool sounds good and i greatly appriciate it as well umm ill be on this weekend so we can go it this weekend but i do know that my clan leader will be talking with a couple people about it so idk what to expect really
  2. Hey man I'd be glad to help out. If I could bring a higher officer too that may better be able to defend our case then it should be fine.
  3. unlucky i am going to need u to talk to my clan leader and help explain to him that this isnt a clan and that by doing this i am not breaking any rules because im not entirely sure but he may or may not be mad at me for doing this
  4. Your girlfriend lets u play Xbox at her house? You must be the luckiest guy in the world lol. Alright well I'm going to schedule a bootcamp later this week, if you cant make it ill try to get you done on saturday.
  5. well i dont have live during the week but on the weekends i have it because at my house i have no internet so on the weekends i go over to my exgirlfriends house to play but yeah if at anytime u can get me threw that stuff asap id be glad to be able to help you guys take places for the war :P
  6. Yea man i'm on almost every day, sorry I don't know if I have room to add you on xbox live but stick with Panic and you'll see me around. I'm glad to see some more new blood in Gridiron, I'll be talking with panic and my other squad leaders about holding a platoon meeting sometime this week for practice since the next war starts this sunday. As for the bootcamp i'll let you know when I have one scheduled and I'll be sure to get you through one so we can put you on the battlefield.
  7. ok this weekend i need to go through bootcamp ok plz. also i would like to try to help maybe organize or run some practices with you or panic if thats ok with you and him???
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