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  1. Grats on the promo
  2. yea i hope so to . i love this community , i really do, i dont want it to crumble .
  3. Awe D: Oh well, hopefully things will get changed.
  4. well yeah you have a point . my facebook post was kina like yours very long but less professional and from a enlisted point of view had to delete it though :P
  5. Are you kidding? Every opinion helps. You may not throw around as much weight, but a vote is still a vote. It's up to you though. I never saw your facebook post xD.
  6. you should have seen my facebook post . almost got me banned .... but i am just a enlisted guy that has no say in this community
  7. You can always post a comment... You've seen a lot more on REDD's side than I have.
  8. i knew that. pffff...... lol but you took the words out of my mouth. if i would have posted the same thing but i would have put more aggression but that would get me no where xD
  9. I think you know me better than you think. I was ODST Anarchy in the 105th when you were there xD.
  10. thank you for posting that blog . i dont know you well but i would shake your hand and buy you a beer. good job.
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