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  1. thanks ! made my report alot simpler xD
  2. [URL=url]Text[/URL]

    The text is what is displayed. The lowecase url is where you put the address.
  3. hey how do you rename links? so insted of it being a long URL it could be some thing like "link"
  4. hey myth i noticed dead sun is in recruit user group but on roster it said he has done boot camp but has not enlisted until today .
  5. Ok thank you
  6. Not really at the moment. We will hopefully be starting it back up in the near future, though.
  7. Just noticed some one with the MOH are we still doing that ?
  8. I knew that xD
  9. Donkey is in HC and has Mod powers over all forums by default, even if his name isn't displayed.
  10. Could verboten donkey have mod powers of red watch fourm ? Thanks
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