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  1. Okay, thanks for letting me know.
  2. Hey Myth, I'm sorry but you can remove me from the Forge Dept. I haven't been nearly as active as I was in Reach. If I ever get more time on my hands I may try to re-join.
  3. No problem. We'll find enough fresh meat to satisfy the Statbook.
  4. Hey Myth, I'm sorry but I do not think I will be able to assist in the statbook this war. If I get more free time I will let you know but lately I havent had much free time.
  5. I can post it as soon as I get home.
  6. So if you didn't get the memo REDD is attacking Abandon & BLUE is attacking Meltdown. Idk if you want to post attack plans or if you want one of us to.
  7. Thanks!

    Fuzzy says he'll do his. Ask Garg if he wants help with Deathhawk/Dalton's games.

    Other than that, we're done.
  8. Hey so i finished Blackhawks SB assignments, are there any other games you need me to pick up?
  9. Will do. Should get the Top 10 done today hopefully and will send out the new assignments.
  10. Hey so I completed my Week #3 games, sorry it took me so long. It seems whenever I don't have assignments I have a TON of free time, but once I do get my assignments I can't find the time to do them. If you could get me my week #4 assignments ASAP maybe we can avoid me (and everyone else) "not having time". We're wayy far behind XP
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