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Wake Up FC!

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So I read Myth's post in the updates and I for one can honestly say that this is the LEAST we could try to do for him. I will be the first person to admit that I can not stand a lot of people here as I am sure those lot can not stand me. The issue isn't about who likes who. This is not a popularity contest. We do not all have to like each other, but we should be at least be respecting one another.

This is a very competitive community and it is more than understandable that some people will be more competitive than others, but we also forget that this is suppose to be fun! The fact that Mythonian, of all people, is upset and has expressed his anger really does bother me. Myth as well as the others can't make everyone happy and to be honest some of you are never happy with decisions made. It really is hard to please everyone.

With that all said I would like to personally and publicly apologies for any tension I have brought to this community. I am willing to be the bigger person to admit that I am a bitch lol All I can do is practice what I preach and try to not be one of the many issues going on in FC.

That is all it takes guys. Just get along. Even if you can't stand me or him or them....just ignore them. Ignore the people you do not like. If the person you do not like is someone you have to communicate with then just suck it up. There is no need for all this negativity. We are all above this.

So let us give Mythonian what he wants for his birthday. It's not like he is asking us to buy him a xbox one. If you can't do it for Myth then at least do it for yourself. Be the bigger person.


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