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Feeling Like A Boss

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So what is up FC peoples? It's your friendly neighborhood Rei Bear here! Time for a update...YAY!!

#1 I am getting back into music......yes yes The first project was such a epic fail that I decided to give it another go!

#2 Going to be making some youtube videos....yup that's right....got some stuff to let out to the world and youtube is my tool of destruction!

#3 A secret that I can not speak of as of yet but just know that it is going to be awesome! And also will incorporate #1 and #2.

#4 Possible return to FC....I only say possible because of my availability AND if I am capable of of getting back into Halo. I do miss being part of FC to an extent. I always been a background soldier(with a big mouth) and I do chose to stay in the background but I do miss some people here. But which army do I choose??????

#5 I got a new kitty O.o

SO there you have it people! Brief little update for those who actually give a damn. WOOOOT! Bada ba ba ba I'm lovin it!


  1. Fuzzy's Avatar
    #5 I got a new kitty O.o
  2. Spartanbh's Avatar
    I'm deathly allergic to cats, therefore it can't be a part of FC.
  3. xXReiBearXx's Avatar
    Fuzzy I will post pics when I can get here to stay still lol
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