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I'm sitting here constantly refreshing my Origin window waiting for the Titanfall beta to finally pop up. It's getting boring and it's been a LONG while since I have used this thing. Might as well write a quick little blurb.

So, some of you might have asked/is asking, "where the hell did Metkil go?" Well to be honest, I went no where. Yes, I did stop publicly showing up on the forums for a long while. I only posted when I need to do something with the website. Let's just say it's been a hectic year (since March of last year). My life was pretty much in shambles. I lost my job, lost some financial aid for college, and resulted in my grades taking a heavy hit.

Now I'm stuck here for another semester fixing these mistakes. It sucks.

But finally, almost a year later my life is finally back in order. I got not one, but two jobs! My financial situation is finally stabilizing and hey my GPA here at college is being fixed. Almost out of here and done with it! Now I just need to figure out what I am doing once I get out of here in May. That's still behind a fog of mystery sadly.

Anyways, on to less depressing things.

In the gaming world I have been sticking to my normal titles. Battlefield 4, World of Warcraft, and the occasional new title that comes up. The only thing that as changed is I play a lot more indie titles then I used to. I'm addicted to Risk of Rain right now ($10 on steam, get it. WORTH EVERY PENNY). I'm also playing EVE Online now in days as well. I sure do love spreadsheets! \o/

However, I am no longer playing on XBL. My X360 has been collecting dust since I completed GTA5 (back in November) and I have been without XBL for the better part of a year now. The main reason is that I no longer have an effective way to connect to the network here in my dorms. Also, it seems foolish to spend money on a service I won't be using much. Pretty much every game I play is on the PC.

Oh well, that's my quick blurb for now. Back to refreshing Origin.


  1. Breezy's Avatar
    Your like sounds boring, should call All State
  2. Fuzzy's Avatar
    I would play with you in Risk of Rain but......
  3. VerbotenDonkey's Avatar
    PC Gaming Master Race.
  4. Anarchy's Avatar
    xbox one pl0x
  5. Maxdoggy's Avatar
    PC and Xbox One Betas for Titanfall? Yes please.

    Sadly, I have to work.
  6. Silko's Avatar
  7. Blackhawk570's Avatar
    I am gonna find ur ship in EVE and kill it so you can stop playing that game.
  8. Silko's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Blackhawk570
    I am gonna find ur ship in EVE and kill it so you can stop playing that game.
    Make sure to pod him too
  9. xXReiBearXx's Avatar
    "some of you might have asked/is asking, "where the hell did Metkil go?" <--no one asked lol jk
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