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I like guys

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No fat guys
No Gingers
No Black Guys
No dumb guys
No rude guys
No shirt guys
No creep guys
No Anarchy guys
No fem guys
No Momma guys
No small guys
No dead guys

In response to Nick's blog


  1. Spattan177's Avatar
    i like breakfast throughout the day. and hot chocolate throughout the year. well, you wasted your time reading this.
  2. Nicholas Sapien's Avatar
    mine was truthful though
  3. fearfulpenguin's Avatar
    No creep guys? Welp I'm out then!
  4. Breezy's Avatar
    No black guys? Well I'm out of the picture. :P
  5. silversleek's Avatar
    damn, i'm a dead guy. guess i'm out.

    dead guy necroposting cause this showed up on page one for some reason
  6. JamiDJ's Avatar
    i'm all in
  7. riphelix's Avatar
    Me too! Score!
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