The Khvostov Project Intro and Day 1

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So about a month ago I got my Xbox One, Halo MCC, and Destiny. I quickly became addicted to Destiny. Got my Titan to Level 26 within two days and level 30 only a few days later. Last week, I got a Warlock to level 27 (thanks Xur). Now I am working on getting a Hunter leveled up.

This time, I'm gonna do it differently.

Here are the rules I send up for myself.

1) Only play Crucible (excluding story missions leading up to and including bounty access).

2) Only use gear obtained from Crucible (self-evident since I'm only playing it.)

3) Khvostov is the only primary to use until Level 20.

That's pretty much it. It's gonna be a long haul, but hey I'm slightly crazy.

In the following days I will add more details per long session.

Progress after Day 1:



  1. Legendary Nova's Avatar
    I have no idea what any of this means. #Amitheonlyoneherewhohasn tplayeddestinyever
  2. VerbotenDonkey's Avatar
    Hunters are dumb.
  3. Metkil5685's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by VerbotenDonkey
    Hunters are dumb.
    Yea honestly not liking them as much as my Titan (defenderbros4lyfe). So I'm just gonna use mobility of them and focus on gunplay. That is, if I can figure out the bloody double jump.

    Quote Originally Posted by L3g3ndarY NovA
    I have no idea what any of this means. #Amitheonlyoneherewhohasn tplayeddestinyever
    I'll keep it simple. Khvostov is literally the first weapon you get in the game. Regarded as the 'worst' to those who don't know about it. In reality, it's actually not all that bad.
  4. NervyDestroyer's Avatar
    pfff Warlock FTW
  5. fearfulpenguin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NervyDestroyer
    pfff Warlock FTW
  6. Maxdoggy's Avatar

    Good luck.
  7. silversleek's Avatar
    i want a khvostov run, the only problem is i already have three level 29 characters

    and also i don't play destiny anymore after their stupid exotic level up choice

    i'm still salty that i had to level up all my weapons, and now to use them at top level again i'll have to RELEVEL them all... plus dismantle some to get shards. stupid crota dlc.
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