FC, Democracies/Dictators, The Third Army, and You

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I create this blog in response to repeated calls for "Green Army", "mercenaries", "neutral factions", and any other like-mind idea involving a third party that fights on battle night. This is not targeted at anyone, but I feel the need to clarify this issue. I am also clarifying the issue of democracies, etc. Part of this is created in response to Bazonga's thread; however, I reiterate that this is not targeted toward's any one person. Rather, this rant is designed to "educate" everyone.


Part One: The Third Army

Here's one part of my response: It will NOT happen. Period.

Here's a second part of my response:

We don't have third party factions for a myriad number of reasons, and I will explain why. Here are a few primary reasons.

  • We've done it before. It failed miserably. We need not re-try something that has already failed because that is redundant stupidity. I don't care how you twist the idea; it's a third army, and it will not work.
  • Members switching from the two current armies would drop numbers down; to what extent, I don't know. However, spreading the numbers out too thinly will weaken the size of each army and compress them exponentially. This just makes them seem like little groups.
  • It bogs down efficiency

Here's my major issue with a third army.

PEOPLE TRYING TO ESCAPE ARMY RESPONSIBILITY. I see this as an attempt by players to escape army responsibility and play on battle nights without putting in any work that benefits the community. Nothing irks me more than to see someone want to play while not in an army. If you want to play, re-enlist. A Private contains no responsibilities other than to fight, take orders, breath, and occupy space. Is this hard? Not in the least unless you are mentally challenged and cannot perform #2 or #3. #1 is a basic human instinct and #4 is a passive ability everyone contains. However, it seems many people cannot do #2 effectively, and with #3 they create an annoyance out of it. To those people, I am sorry for. To the normal population of this community, tough luck. With the ability to do these four things as a Private, the issue of time is no longer an issue as you can play whenever you want and stay at their rank forever by declining promotions. Join an army.

If you truly want to make this misguided idea a reality, then recruit another hundred active members who will stay forever and twenty good men who can lead them effectively, both charismatically and in logistics and technical ability. When you've done that, then we'll talk about the idea of creating a third army and integrating it into FC's flawed battle system.


Part Two: Democracies and Dictatorships

Forerunner Conflict will always be the latter. I don't care what anyone says. It is not a democracy, it is not a republic, it is not a federation or confederation of allied states, it is not communist nor it is socialistic, etc.

No matter how much the bloody Accords may bog us down with protocol, I swear on my grave that with my position I could ban anyone I see fit with cause to so long as another Forerunner did not counter-act me or a Field Marshal opposed my action.

Mark my words:

We are not, nor will we ever be, a democracy. We may have traits of one, but we will never be one.

Understand this creed. Live by it. Cherish it. Burn it into that empty noggin of yours. May I suggest a tatto?

This goes into the subject of how we deal with members concerning punishment, etc.

"But wait a second, Kuhblam! What about all those debates in the Court Room?! And about how the leaders listen to us and all that bullshit?!"

The War Council and High Command reserve the right to act however they want to concerning punishment, etc. To go further, understand that as an officer deliberating in the Court Room it is almost pointless unless you have someone higher or the entire officer corp backing you up. This is the cold, hard truth. We take your opinions and voice into account when we make decisions, but understand that the WC/HC makes the final call and in a political manner you will need one of us to get your point to make the jump from conjectural writing to an actual action that is carried out. I suggest brown-nosing as a start to make friends, but it has been highly ineffective as of late from observation of those who have tried.


That's all I have to say for now. Stay tuned for further stuff if the need arises.



  1. Kuhblam's Avatar
    For further clarification, I would not actually ban anyone just because I wanted to because I'm 100% against incorrect usage of power although it still occurs and I endorse total power of the WC. Consider it simply an example and consider me a hypocrite.

  2. Relapsive's Avatar
    I Liked This Blog :p
  3. bazongaman502's Avatar
    1) I wasnt saying this IS a Democracy... its just like one (which really isnt bad... unless your Fucking George Bush... then we will have problems)

    2) The Court room is a joke... sorry... let alone one day someone (dont ban me for this, im just giving an example) could say "shit, ass, fuck, bitch, etc" all in one sentence and people would laugh and have fun... then the following day, someone says the exact same words then gets threatened with a possible bann... are you kidding me?? thats just stupid... im glad were being more serious about what goes on, but not just a sudden wake up call were people are getting banned for something that was ok the day before.

    3) So like i said in my post to Myth;
    So instead your either forced to fight for 1 army or not at all??? thats stupid... this is about "F.U.N" and forcing people to stand on one side isnt making it "F.U.N"... what if they want to fight in the battles, but dont like the way both FMs are running things??? you gonna force them to "deal with it and quit bitching?"... im not saying i dont like either FMs, but i know there are people out there that dont like REDDs FM or BLUEs FM... let alone both... but instead they either are being forced to "deal with it" or "GTFO?"... and when they chose to leave, they get bombarded by people saying "your not leaving" or "quit your bitching" or "grow up" or some other stupid shit
    and the fact your saying that they are skipping "duties", they technically wont be... when they fight on sundays they will have the rank of "Private" no matter what... untill the agree to one army.... this will also give new members to see what armys they want to fight for... the FMs of REDD and BLUE will get updated roster of all of the Mercinaries as often as possible (kinda like squad leader responisbilities <--- hey look, they do have duties)... i just know not everyone can make it to battles every sunday but still want to fight, but cant decide or like how things are run in certin places.... this is more like a "Free Agency" list... sundays for them would be like "Training Camp" for them... basically its a time for each Army to try a little harder because they want to make a good impression on the new members or older members... this should seriously be thought about and not shot down so fast... i persoanlly this would be a mistake if you guys ignor this
  4. Maxdoggy's Avatar
    Maxdoggy Likes This Blog.

    I seriously want to take that quote and plaster it all over the website. Maybe I'll have SkyNet do it for me! :P
  5. Gargoyle's Avatar
    Blam Blam speaks nothing less the the truth!
  6. bazongaman502's Avatar
    things fail because the people doing it fail to do the work... these thing will require hardly any work except a few people to keep an eye on it... you guys are making it seem like its rocket science to do this... its not.

    Kuhblam may be speaking "the truth" to you guys, but to me it shows sign of the fear allowing people to have more freedom in the community.... this isnt an actual WAR you guys, quit thinking that... people can do whatever the fuck they want... sure theres guidlines, but there seriously shouldnt be rules from allowing people to fight for whoever... id agree to a rule being "you can only change Armies ___ amount of times during one WAR with FM Knowledge (not being able to prevent someone from doing changing)".... Having the rule for an FM to say "NO" to someones decision to change Armies is pathetic and fucked up... if they want to change Armies they should have every right to and not be stopped, unless by limit...
  7. VerbotenDonkey's Avatar
    Kuhblam, I have no idea what sparked this blog, but nice post brah.
  8. Kuhblam's Avatar
    Thanks to everyone for compliments.

    In response to Example #1; the ban did not occur because of language. It occurred because of said person's inability to listen to the administration. Language is used regularly on the site which is understandable, but when it is stated repeatedly for no good reason it simply looks bad and unprofessional.

    In response to everything else stated by Bazonga... I actually have nothing to say. I enjoy good debates, but I do not possess the energy to prattle continuously for extended periods of time. The only piece of advice I have for you is that people are much receptive to ideas when the creator's tone changes for the better.

  9. Nocte's Avatar
    Bazonga you are the officer who threatened to fire squad leaders if they didn't win on battle nights. Need I say more?
  10. Andimion's Avatar
    Kuhblam =
  11. GAMEHEEL's Avatar
    Bazonga = RAGE!
  12. bazongaman502's Avatar
    Eagle.. who the living fuck told you that.. i never did that and for you to say such a lie is fucked up... i never did that, and if you source is Twitch, then your retarded to listin to him... hes mad at me for things i didnt do and blames me for his problems, hes a horrible person to listin to...

    You have no idea of how i ran things, and you never will.. im telling you that right now... if you cant get your facts streight an true, then i never want to work for/with you... ever

    gets your facts streight... need i say more?
  13. Nocte's Avatar
    Actually Twitch was the last person to tell me that, I've heard it from a few people. Whether it's true or not is decided upon more the just Twitch.
  14. Hazy's Avatar
    Actually imma back bazonga on that precipice.

    I'm pretty damn sure he was just being figural abotu that battle being really important. If we in the platoon really thought that was true don't you think SOMEONE would've said something to high com?

    Motivational speech as all. All bark, no bite.

    let's not turn a blog into a flame war shall we?
  15. bazongaman502's Avatar
  16. Carpe Vexillum's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by EAGLE
    Actually Twitch was the last person to tell me that, I've heard it from a few people. Whether it's true or not is decided upon more the just Twitch.
    Eagle lets get this straight I do like you and I have the utmost respect for you, we had lots of fun, but things are getting out of hand.

    1.) Shouting out to the fourms about a Blue member teabagging in a scrimmage. We never do that to Red, in fact everyone keeps it under wraps quite well. But the fact of publicly trying to disgrace the ENTIRE Blue army is only a dishonor to yourself.

    2.) Saying that Bazonga threatened to kick people if they didn't win battle nights WITHOUT giving proper evidence is a major mistake, especially saying it in the open forums. That is not how a general of an army should act. You have given no evidence yet you try to soil bazongas name with slander. I have been by Bazongas side ever since a week after he joined FC, I KNOW WHAT HE HAS DONE AND SAID, I KNOW how he leads, and I KNOW that whoever told you that... shit for a lack of a better word is lying.

    You are not fit to be the General of Red Army, let alone a Field Marshall. Which is quite obvious with your recent actions.
  17. Maxdoggy's Avatar
    This is your final warning for everyone involved in this conversation before bannings occur based on the following violations of:

    Article VI, Section 3 of The FC Accords 2.0.

    Please cease and desist your argument(s) with any members of this website about issues including but not limited to rank, the way things are done, history, etc.
    Please cease and desist any flaming and/or instigations of flame wars with any members of this website about issues including but not limited to rank, the way things are done, history, etc.

    Again, this is your final warning.

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