Delta Facility (8v8; Sym)

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v2 to v2.1 - 05/24/12
  • FC version updated to the new matchmaking Heavies version, which means:
    • Positions of Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher swapped.
    • Numerous structural and rock formation adjustments.
    • A few objective adjustments.
  • Other changes:
    • Mongoose added near the warthogs.
    • Explosives removed.
    • Additional Oddbomb spawn locations added at the falcon, the catwalk, and over the gravity hammer.
    • Adjusted the center platform's ramps/rocks.
    • Additional Occupation hill location added under the spartan laser.
    • Adjusted structure slightly.
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  1. VerbotenDonkey's Avatar
    Just a question, why are explosives always removed? O.o
  2. Maxdoggy's Avatar
    For your own safety, Donkey. There are traits in Halo: Reach that attack burros - Myth is only looking out for you. :P
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