I'm Bored. Deal with it.

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So here I am sitting in an office staring at my laptop bored out of my mind. Half of that you could have assumed from the title of this blog post. So why am I doing this (other then I'm bored)? Well because I just want to throw ideas around. This is one of those things where I am just going to type my mind out until I'm bored of doing that, so prepare for a long one.

So streaming. Boy oh boy do I want to stream. There are only two things that stop me doing a lot of streaming. Problem one is the processor on my PC. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice CPU (2.8GHz x 4 Cores), but it just does not have enough to livestream with it. I need to upgrade my PC in such a bad way to do it. Sadly, the CPU upgrade would also need to go with a new motherboard as my current socket has not better CPUs in it. So with the upgrade of the mobo, I need to upgrade my RAM just as well. You know, if college wasn't so gosh darn expensive, I would have these upgrades already.

The other problem I have is that the internet at my home is HORRIBLE. I have a whooping .5 Mbps upload speed at home. I'd be lucky if I could livestream a slide show. Granted, on my college dorms I have a much better internet connection. Since I am at the dorms over the summer, I think I'm gonna try to take advantage of this and attempt to livestream as much as possible.

Which kinda leads to my next thing. I've been really tempted to start pumping youtube videos like crazy. Just make some entertaining live game commentary or something. Something simple that does not require a whole lot of work, but yet can still be entertaining. Something to look more into when I'm not bored sitting in an office.

So, Diablo 3. Yea. Game is addicting as hell. The other day I finally got into the Inferno difficulty of the game. All I have to say is holy shit, that's hard. I was killed by the beginning zombies! How in the world am I going to make it to Diablo if zombies stop me! Either way, most likely will spend a good chunk of time farming for gear so I can perform better, but still.

So I get frustrated from dying in Inferno, so I go play BF3. Oh man, BF3 is my crack when I'm not on my meth (D3). Recently, as in the past 2 months or so) I've gotten pretty good at the game, which has caused me to play it, a lot. Man am I loving the L85A2 and the P90. Basically the only two guns I use now. Makes unlocking weapons for the classes you don't like to play (Recon I am looking at you) actually a lot of fun to play. I mean with the P90, you slap your sight of choice (mine is the Kobra RDS), laser sight, and the flash suppressor and the thing becomes a hip fire laser with no recoil. It's amazing! Granted the damage drop-off for the P90 makes mid to long range combat about pointless, but yet I still manage to win gun fights with recons that are using sniper rifles.

Speaking of recons. If you play recon, please be a freaking asset to the team. I can not tell you how many games I play where recons are just sitting on a rock/bush/building for the whole game. No, how about you do this. Vehicle based map? SOFLAM every god damn enemy vehicle on the map. I don't want to see a single vehicle go by without a laser designation. I love to use my javelin missles, so don't worry about it not doing anything for you. Infantry based map? TUGS/MAV choke points or flanks. Giving everyone a good eye on where the enemies are coming gives a huge tactical advantage for your team. Now if your SOFLAM/TUGS/MAV gets destroyed, seek out a support to give you ammo so you can REPLACE it. That happens a lot too. Recons forget to put things back up. Also, place the spawn beacon in a forward location anywhere from midway to close to the objective. Again, replace it if it gets taken out. After all this is taken care of, go ahead and hide on your rock/bush/building. But as soon as the gadgets get taken down, so back and replace. Also, if your an aggressive recon. Stop being a try hard and replace your iron sight/low power scope sniper rifle for a PDW and GET IN THERE PUSSY!

Speaking of pussy. I miss my cat. D:

Well on the subject of BF3, I think there needs to be more nighttime mapes. Tehran Highway is a very boring map in Conquest and is only fun on Rush. I really like the use of the lighting on that map. It adds a certain tactical feel to the game while still bringing a very nice environment to play in. I like Tehran Highway for it's environment, just don't play it on Conquest, ever.

Also, stop 64-man Operation Metro Conquest. Russia always win by holding down B. Just stop it.

That's it. The idea I have been looking for my videos. I will make PSAs for BF3! I wonder how bad my computer will crap out if I try to record BF3. Should be interesting to do. But I bet people have done it before, but hey whatever. I'm gonna do it anyways.

Bah I'm bored with this. Backing to lurking the internet.



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    Don't judge me.
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    LOL donkey... i can't stop.. I am about to piss myself. Oh and...

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    ^^ lolzors

    I'm in pretty much the same situation as you in terms of my PC. I've really got to upgrade my motherboard and CPU... Will probably be doing that sometime in the next month or so.
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    Don't worry Metkil I kinda read it! I enjoyed you bitching about shitty team mates in Battlefield
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    You know what, I don't even care if you read this or not. This is what happens when I'm bored in an office. I just go off. I used to do this in high school as well. If a class was boring, I would just start writing my thoughts. Some really fucked up stuff I used to write.
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