Improving the Activity Stream

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Well, the Activity stream they gave us was "decent" at first.

However, it was far from being able to be described as "good".




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At first, I just hated the brightness of it. It didn't suit our skin/theme at all. I fixed before the maintenance was done last week.

Also, initially it only displayed new content (such as new threads/blogs). Just a few minutes ago I changed it to include posts, comments, etc. Basically, any activity on the site is included, so it's a fantastic way to be aware of things on the site.

I also didn't like how each individual entry was so large, so I messed with it a few minutes ago and ended up being able to reduce the size by over 20%.

Try it out for a bit (click on What's New and then Activity Stream in the secondary navbar). I'll be using it a lot for now on!

Let me know if you guys can think of other improvements for the Activity Stream or anything else.
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