I'm Bored, AGAIN!

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You know for a job that has a nice pay rate and just allows me to do whatever I want on my laptop, I sure get bored fast around here. So why not just sit here and just randomly type for a while.

So, the topic ZOMBIES has been brought up on the forums and it makes me laugh quite a bit. Now don't get me wrong, I think zombies are pretty freaking cool, but this stuff that is going on recently and people actually thinking its a REAL zombie is just too funny. These kind of things actually do happen once or twice a year regularly anyways. However, I think the combination of popular culture, the news media, and these events is causing people to think in irrational ways about the events that happened. You knows what kind of mental illness those could have had. Or drugs they were on. Or both combined! There are so many factors to consider and there are people out there who not considering these things and jump to ZOMBIES! Now I sit here and laugh at them and the situation. Does it seem zombie like? Yes. Is it? No. So I sit here and laugh at stupid people.

On the topic of stupid people and popular culture, Windows 8. By god I want to hurt the person who thought of the things they are doing with Windows 8. Today they released the Release Preview of Windows 8. Anyone is allowed to download and install Windows 8 and try it until Microsoft shuts it down. Now I went a head and looked into what Windows 8 was going to bring. Now I have to say this. If you have ever seen Windows Mobile operating system, you have seen Windows 8. It's primary setup is called the Metro setup. It looks identical to the Windows Mobile OS. They are making this to run on DESKTOPS AND TOUCHSCREEN-LESS LAPTOPS! Yea, you have to use a mouse and keyboard with this horrible interface. Granted it does have one good thing running for it. It's fast. Like really fast! But that is because of the lack of services that a typical Windows OS runs. My question is how well is this actually going to go over. They have a standard desktop interface you can switch to, but it still treats any application as if it is running in the Metro interface, so it's counter productive. Now what does this have to do with popular culture. Well that is because the entire system is based around "apps." Yea that 4 letter word that everyone is stupidly crazy about. Microsoft is trying to compete against these other operating systems that are going out that have a similar style as well. However, I feel this is not the best to go about this. I sit here looking at Win8 thinking because of how it is set up, it is going to be a horrible productivity OS. Windows for some reason is trying to drive away from the whole business like model they used to follow and attempting to jump on this popular culture one. I think this is a route they should not go about.

Enough about Microsoft. I need to rant about BF3 some more. Last time it was recons, now it's on to supports. Now there are a variety of ways to play support. One you should never go about, Mortars. Just no. Mortars first off do little damage to players, but they do well against vehicles (~30 damage). But you sit in the back, avoiding all conflict and not objective pushing. You could argue that you are suppressing them so it is a bit harder for them to get people. However, with the way suppression is right now, a single M1911 shot makes you suppressed. It is as one player said one day. Suppression makes my bullets curve. Thats another rant for another day. Support players, if you want to be an asset to the team, do the following. Ammo boxes, EVERYWHERE. Be in the front line. You have a LMG with 100 (200 with extended mags). Use them. This is when I am a fan of bipod being deployed. Go ahead get to the front lines and start laying down some fire. You will take out quite a few people and give proper suppression to the enemy. This will allow your Assaults, Engies, Aggro Recons, and other Supports to move up towards the objective. Once they are suppressing the enemy, you move up with an stranglers and repeat the process. Give ammo to those who need it first and then go ahead and lay down the fire.

Another thing. Just because you have C4 does not mean you can rambo any vehicle you see. Make sure you actually properly can get in and get out alive. Make sure you check where the driver is looking and the primary gunner is looking. Most of the time the rear sides are open, but always check. You wasting a ticket, time, and forward pressure is not worth it if you don't get the tank and live. Best way to do this? Jihad jeep, but same rules apply.

Bored with this again. Off to do something else.


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    Jihad Jeep around the back or sides and avoid roads as much as possible.
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    what job do you have again? you lost me after high pay rate and lot's of free time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RaZ Vader
    glad to see this pic is still in service lol
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