Fun times with the Roxio Game Capture Pro HD....

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So, some of you may know that I recently got a Roxio Game Capture Pro HD. First impressions of this capture were good. Hardware itself worked great, however the software support for it was lacking. I always find work arounds however, so it didn't bother me. I enjoyed using it...

...until last night.

Last night I went to plug the Roxio into my computer. As soon as I plugged it in, my computer BSoD'd (Blue Screen of Death). For those who know BSoDs, it was a general hardware fault (stop 0x000000F4). Well that's odd, I thought. Upon rebooting, I noticed my PC was in an infinite reboot loop.

Oh, it must be a problem with the MBR (Master Boot Record). Nope, upon checking and repairing the MBR, I noticed it wasn't messed up. Well, that's just weird. I attempting several other fixes over the course of the battle night in attempt to get it working and well past the battle night as well. After spending a total of 7 hours (closer to 4 due to battle night), I came to the conclusion I should reinstall Windows 7.

Of course there were problems with that as well. I first off lack the original installation disk and my optical drive in my PC wasn't working either (known problem for the last 5 months, too cheap to fix =D). So I had to find a way to get an image of windows and then make it work with a flash drive.

3 hours of fun right there folks.

It's now 26 hours after plugging in the Roxio and I just now got fully operational. Casualties? 450GB worth of data(games, videos, etc). Of course I was able to back up the things most important.

Music and two games (World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 =D)

I'm honestly afraid to reinstall my Roxio. Think it's time already to replace it with something else.

I'm done ranting now.

tl;dr version: Roxio broke my computer good! I rage!
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  1. Blackhawk570's Avatar
    I have the Roxio and no problems
  2. MedeDust's Avatar
    wheres the tl;dr to the tl;dr?
  3. Jam Cliché's Avatar
    Hmmmm, so I should reconsider it, since it's the only game capture device on my Amazon wishlist right now...?
  4. Coda's Avatar
    Well that sucks. But I liked your tl;dr
  5. ThatRussianBear's Avatar
    I was seriously thinking about buying it untill now, thank you
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