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This is to be moved in the future but for now I am going to use my blog for this. NEXT Saturday will be the radio's first show and a test to make sure everything runs smoothly. After that the radio will be officially active! For that to happen I am going to need some DJ's. So please read the following and submit the application to me in a PM only!

How to become a dj


Broadcasting Software
A working Microphone
Able to download music upon request


⦁ All FC Accords are in effect while on air.
⦁ DJ sets will be limited to 1 hours minimum and 2 hours maximum unless granted permission to go over
⦁ All DJ's must take requests, although DJ's reserve the right to restrict requests based on the genre of music the DJ chooses for his/her sets
⦁ DJ's must be respecful at all times
⦁ Any DJ that gets banned from the FC website will no longer be allowed to be a DJ unless War Council says otherwise.
⦁ DJ's must show for his/her sets. If you are unable to do your set, or going to be late for your set, please inform the radio manager as soon as possible. No contact no show may result in his/her termination.
⦁ Disclosing personal radio information is restricted and will result in a immediate termination.
⦁ To apply to become a FC DJ you must be a active member for at least a month and have completed bootcamp.
⦁ FC Radio was created for the FC community but not restricted to it. You may advertise your shows outside of FC and anyone is allowed to listen. Guests you may have on your shows that are not members to FC will also be responsible to follow FC Accords. All DJ's are responsible for their guests behavior while on air as well as his/her own behavior.
DJ Accords are subject to change


Please copy the following questions and submit directly to the radio manager in a private message. If your application is approved you must schedule a training session with a manager and complete training before you are allowed to go live. If your application is denied you may appeal it.

Are you able to meet the requirements listed above?:
What days are you able to do your show?:
What times are you able to do your show?(EST):
What type of music would you play:
Please describe the show you wish to do:

By submitting this application you are agreeing to follow the DJ accords and agreeing to meet the requirements.

I will be doing my show Mon-Fri 7pm-9pm EST
I look forward to you applications!

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  1. Blackhawk570's Avatar
    I am surprised no has signed up yet. This is a pretty dam cool idea guys DO IT
  2. Lil Nawty Lucia's Avatar
    It is tempting but I am shy, but if you have trouble finding people then I will try to help.
  3. xXReiBearXx's Avatar
    A few peopel already applied. It is gonan be epic!
  4. Gargoyle's Avatar
    I'm shy too ( ._.)
  5. xXReiBearXx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gargoyle
    I'm shy too ( ._.)

    Yea ok Jordan...
  6. OPOC1L1PSE's Avatar
    SO MUCH LIES JORDAN!!! Pretty application form is pretty <3 I would apply, but I don't have a mic :/
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