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Ok so I am getting a few questions and I figured, since I have time, I would address them here.

Question #1: Why did you leave FC?

I left for many reason. But the most important and notable one is because I realized that I wanted to pursue my goals which leaves me with little to no time for FC.

Question #2 What have you been doing since leaving FC?

I currently am in the process of recording music. So far I have recorded 2 tracks. Once they are finished editing I will share them with you all. Also I have been learning to speak Korean and making plans to go to korea by the end of the year.

Question #3 If you left FC why did you transfer to BLUE army?

I transferred to BLUE because I do plan on coming back to FC when I am finished with everything I have set out to do. A lot of people I like are in BLUE and as much as there are many people in REDD I love and respect I just feel like I belong back in BLUE.

Now, I just want to let everyone know that I did say I was leaving FC and I technically have. That does not mean it is forever. I have invested to much time and money into FC to just leave it cold turkey. But because of all the time I invested into FC I have not invested enough in myself and what I want to do. Now I am taking steps in hopes that I succeed. I also want to share my adventures with you all.

Hopefully this has put some curious minds to rest. Any further questions do not hesitate to ask. I will answer when I can. Love you guys.

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  1. Spartanbh's Avatar
    Who are you?
  2. JamiDJ's Avatar
    we miss you rei, and will patiently wait for your return!
  3. MedeDust's Avatar
    Where's the restroom?
  4. Nicholas Sapien's Avatar
    lol mede
    Nice to have you back.
  5. LyricsMode's Avatar
    We welcome you into Animus, need familiar faces to boss around.
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