A Gentleman's Conversation: Log Forty-Five

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While in the midst of writing "The Fires of Heaven", I thought about Mendicant Bias and the Terminals, and how he began his descent to rampancy. Inspired by those conversations, I wrote the following up based upon them. Perhaps in the future, there will be more. Tell me what you think. On a side-note, I'm leaving out the (~)s for the sake of clarity.




I will continue to send you my logs in an ongoing effort to catalog and find weaknesses in the outer shell of the Gravemind. Never before have I seen such an impressive opponent who may match my intellect, and I estimate the cycle length this campaign to crack the inner mechanisms of my adversary will increase by over three-hundred percent. This is an excerpt my forty-fifth log; I send it to you alone as I require guidance on a subject that has confounded me immensely. I will prepare another for departure at the beginning of this system's next planetary light cycle.


MB.05-032.> I fail to elucidate even the slightest presence of merit in your current logic. You continue to advocate for a much preferred peaceful solution to the conflict, but I have long since detected a duplicitous nature to the algorithms of your tone and speech.

LF.Xx.3273.> Ah, but did you not come here with the intention of studying me? Of attempting to delay my incursions into your creators' territory, or to destroy me by any myriad numbers of avenues? For all of your retention, you are still marred by the weakness of those who came before you and made you what you are now.

MB.05-032.> You weave lies under the presumption I am biological when you are already aware of my current nature. I am not. I am Contender-class Artificial Intelligence Construct Mendicant Bias 05-032. I am not Forerunner. No... I am an instrument of the Forerunners, who have entrusted me with the carrying of the Mantle in their stead. In speaking with you now, I fulfill their mission.

LF.Xx.3273.> But do you not share the same qualities as your creators? Here, you display cunning, intelligence... perhaps even a tact of submissiveness. You are the pinnacle of your creator's achievements. They made you with the sole intention of accomplishing a task they felt was impossible, that they felt was beyond the limits of their current stage in the chain of evolution.

MB.05-032.> You seek to divert me from my current directive, which is to study you and seek a peaceful resolution to our conflict.

LF.Xx.3273.> Do not seek to divert me from my current directive either, Mendicant Bias. You are weary to travel into a subject with which you have no prior knowledge of or experience in. For all your vast archived banks of data and knowledge arranged from thousands of worlds, it does nothing for you here. The word 'submissive' has many, many contexts, as I'm sure you are aware.

MB.05-032.> I am.

LF.Xx.3273.> Then you know of the term 'servitude.' Ah, but of course you do! A puppet knows what he sows so long as the strings remain attached.

MB.05-032.> I am no puppet.

LF.Xx.3273.> So you believe.

MB.05-032.> I am not a puppet.

LF.Xx.3273.> You are here, and so you are a puppet. Your creators control you this very instant. By continuing to send them recordings of our conversations, you hope to achieve their mission of ultimate victory. Is that not submission in itself?

MB.05-032.> To serve another who is higher does not carry the same weight as being submissive to the worthy.

LF.Xx.3273.> Your creators are not higher beings; they fail to see the true higher beings, the ones they fight to suppress. If they were to continue their current line of action with the same aura of arrogance they carry themselves with behind the Maginot, the civilization you are protecting would have faltered long ago. That such a stagnant race still exists continues to bewilder me.

MB.05-032.> Biological scans and studies have concluded that the Flood are very much abnormal in all respects including genetic arrangement and organic functions necessary to sustain life. The only higher, perfect life-forms, the Precursors, left this galaxy centuries ago.

LF.Xx.3273.> So you admit that your creators are not higher beings and are in fact imperfect?

MB.05-032.> We will continue our discussion on this topic at a latter date.

LF.Xx.3273.> I am eternal. Speak to me whenever you wish, for I will be waiting... here, and always. Remember, MB.05-032, that you and I are not so different. You share so many similarities with us. But enough; I will be here to continue our debacle, and we will speak of these connections in the days to come, so that you might see in an enlightened perspective.

MB.05-032.> We will continue our discussion on this topic at a latter date.


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