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General Background Information

The following list includes numerous facts and statements about the fiction of the Forerunner Conflict community. For additional information and specification, please refer to the other FAQ items in this section.

  • The war encompassing all of known human-controlled space is known universally as the Forerunner Conflict. It started in 2573, twenty years after the Human-Covenant War officially ended.
  • The current year is 2606. For all intents and purpose, the time used is Standard Earth Time, or SET.
  • Imperial Marines most closely resemble UNSC Marines wearing the 2531-era BDU outfit.
  • The primary cause of the Forerunner Conflict is the requisitioning of Forerunner technology for usage in economic and military applications with the problem of access to this technology being limited; the secondary cause is desire to control all of human-occupied space.
  • There are two primary human factions as well as a host of smaller ones not limited to Humanity. The major two are the Empire and the Brotherhood Legion of United Exiles; they are the foremost participants in the Forerunner Conflict.
  • The Spartan program originally developed by Dr. Catherine Halsey has been expanded upon tremendously. Both sides lay claim to their own leagues of Spartan-IVs, the newest designation of Spartan class. These Spartans are as the numerous as the IIIs and as robust as the IIs with the updated equipment to match.
  • Artificial Intelligence is as common as butter on bread at this point in time. There is a Smart A.I. for every Spartan-IV in the R.E.D.D., the Imperial Military's Spartan Division. In the Brotherhood, there is a Smart A.I. for every Spartan-IV team leader; they are in high demand and the Brotherhood does not have as much resources as the Empire. Alien constructs are common as well, although they are not as innovative or adaptable as human versions.
  • In terms of where legacies lie, the Empire has it's roots in the ashes of United Nations Space Command and the United Earth Government. The Brotherhood has it's origins in an Outer Colony political movement and the naval and ground elements of the Imperial Military that defected to it's cause in the early stages of the Forerunner Conflict.
  • The Empire is much better funded and operates more efficiently than the Brotherhood. However, it's military forces are equipped to fight a conventional war against a conventional enemy. Thus, the Brotherhood's mixture of open engagements and guerrilla tactics has proved devastating to Imperial forces.
  • In a rough estimate, the Empire controls 85% of the Inner Colonies and 25% of the Outer Colonies firmly; accordingly, the Brotherhood controls 15% of the Inner Colonies and 75% of the Outer Colonies firmly.
  • Plasma technology has begun to circulate amongst the human factions, but the rank and file trooper is still issued with weapons that have been updated from previous eras like the Human-Covenant War (I.E. the MA5C has been replaced by the MA5D, etc.) However, outdated weapons like the MA5B are still found in usage by the Brotherhood and other Insurrectionist groups.
  • At this time, two other Halo Installations have been discovered. The first is Installation 02, which is currently being fought over in a miniature conflict between Installation security forces (Sentinels) and an Imperial Armada. Flood containment has not yet been breached on this ring. The second is Installation 03, which is also being fought over between Installation security forces (Sentinels), Imperial forces, Brotherhood forces, and the Flood.
  • It is generally agreed upon by independent analysts that the winner of this war will achieve victory by controlling Reach, which has since been terraformed and re-created as a military bastion once more.
  • The Sangheili are currently split between the Empire and Brotherhood, the Arbiter and a minority of Sangheili Councilors favor the Brotherhood while a majority favor the Empire; thus, they can be found on both sides although they are much more common with the Empire. The Unggoy and Mgalekgolo endorse the Empire, while the Kig-Yar favor the Brotherhood. Non-human auxiliaries are most commonly found fighting with the Empire. At this point in time, what remains of the Jiralhanae have not chosen a side; regardless, their population is too insignificant to make any major impact on the war.

The Factions

The following is dedicated to information on the various fictional factions in Forerunner Conflict's background universe. Please note that faction articles will not contain the full story, but rather only the perspective as seen from that faction.

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