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  1. View Conversation trung tâm kế toán thành lập doanh nghiệp giá rẻ tư vấn luật dịch vụ kế toán ân thể cường hăn, cộng thêm tài liệu cổ quái chế tạo thành hắc sắc trọng kiếm, cũng không phải không có biện pháp.
    - Chỉ cần ta có thể dùng hắc sắc trọng kiếm ngăn cản những thanh sắc huyễn ảnh này công kích, th́ thanh sắc khí lưu không cách nào ngăn cản được ta.
    Kiệt Sâm nói th́ thào trong miệng.
    Nhưng ngay sau đó, lông mày của hắn nhíu lại.
    Sau khi hắn đạt được hắc sắc trọng kiếm này, tuy Kiệt Sâm sử dụng hắc sắc trọng kiếm làm vũ khí của ḿnh, nhưng hắn chưa từng tu luyện kiếm pháp, sử dụng hắc sắc trọng kiếm, chỉ để gia tăng uy lực công kích mà thôi.
    Trên phương diện kỹ xảo kiếm pháp,
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    Straight UP!! I'm quite ready to return to my place as the All-Time Best Support Player in FC.
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    Haloz has been in FC since last war fighting with me in BR lol...But now we are in Outcast...
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    Delta!!! I had thought you died!! and yes, I have my Halo back. As well as RSV2, Dragon Age 2, Burnout Paradise, and Crysis 2.
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    i have no problems with people being competetive, i look for it.. but when you push it to the point where your only online to play the battles and get online just to gloat how good you are isnt something i want in BLUE ARMY, HELL i dont want it in FC in general... im not gonna lie about this, but REDD really just wanted Romel, they know about Shine, but know almost nothing about you.. iv filled them in about you... there looking forword in playing with you (i have yet to say 1 serious bad thing about you.. only real bad thing i said about you is the fact you follow shine around even if its not for the best for you).. Delat you have a future, your a hell of a player, i just think you need to make up your own decisions with having someone do the same for you
  6. lol, you're right, and I told Shine from the beginning we should be doing MLG instead of a "war sim" but I just accepted the idea because I wanted to do big team battle so bad I love(d) big team battle unlike Romel/Shine. Romel tolerates it, Shine hates it and always has lol (he sucks at big team battle)
  7. Anyway, that's kinda a tanget, but it does explain why I am able to deal with Shine's attitude about halo and FC better, he HAS to have it like MLG. I like this in Shine, but others are not on the same wavelength (I'm not saying you are non-competitive or are competitive, but FC certainly is non-competitive). Shine's actually a very cool person in real life, heh, it's solely his competitiveness that makes him a douche online. Also I'm quite positive he has nothing against you other than the fact that he hates Elite Slayer, and that's nothing personal at all lol. He just wants to get his kicks out of switching armies because if indeed the game is just about having fun that is his way of doing it.
  8. heh, I see what you mean with your anger problem. Shine is TOTALLY aggravating sometimes dude (though it's pretty rare with me and him that I get REALLY mad at him these days) heh, you just have to deal with it. He's one of my best friends in real life in part because I love his competitive spirit, it's like a huge refreshment from my friends in high school that I had that disliked me purely because I tried to take games to the next level I just don't know how those kinds of people make it through life if they can't try their hardest even at the things they love (games).
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    And Delta, id take you back in a heart beat, you actually knew what you were doing and play in a chill kind of state... its just shine is.... im not even gonna go there
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