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    If you have anyone else that is like this, or know of anyone in a similar situation, just let me know.
    The task of updating usergroups for soooo many people means that there will definitely be some people forgotten in the crazy process. Lol.
  2. All Recruits who need a bootcamp today, contact Fuzzystorm I will not be able to do it today. I apologize for this inconvenience
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    so im the cause of all of this? Silko, iv watched you grow here... iv seen the good and the bad... ok, now when i was put in high com, i was told by Johnkilla that i wont have to do much because of my personal life and he wanted me by his side... hell i was the original person to get the General position, but i denied it... sure i should have done more, but i couldnt... why? because i have a life to worry about, not a gaming community... iv seen you go from one of the coolest guys iv met to a some-what trator.. you backstabbed ninjaboltzz and lied about it... hell during one of your guyses practices that Ninja was at, i heard you and Fuzzy treating him like shit...

    Thats not a leader... I believe that you listin to your guys, but do you actually do what they ask or recomend? <-- Dought it... personally Silko, you and i are kinda alike... why? let me explain:

    You came here to FC and worked with someone.. grew a frienship and moved you way up... however you (and i) weren't always promoted for much of anything, just because we built a strong frendship with others, sadly you turned on one (i never did and wont do so)... then people just started to "leave" the Army, causing HC to scramble for fill ins... immediatly they just promote just about everyone and only ask the squad leaders who deserves the position... trust me, Poder wouldnt have made it to HC if anyone had say (i wanted him there cuz hes a great guy and leader)... John came to me and said this "Zonga, i really want you in HC with me and Poder... however since you denied the offer of General im going to have to give it to Poder. So i was hoping you would join and be one of my LT. General's. But since you have such limited amount you can do, a Lt. General position wont require much, just basically take part in suggestions and either agreeing or disagreeing with me"... i respected John so much to a point that i said fine, and i even told him and Max that if an opening occures in HC, Carpe has to have it... both agreed to it... it didnt happen cuz when i left, Carpe happened to be away so they promoted someone else.... BLUE (sadly saying this) has MANY 2-faced individuals in the Army (leading to me being back stabbed, not once, not twice but... THREE TIMES)... i did my due's, i have yet to see much of yours, but i do hope it makes an impact to BLUE to possibly wake people up
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    see, if you dont care how someone feels how can you lead? other people feelings you need to listin to Silko... yours isnt the only one that counts
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    i never said he is a ninja... its just that he kinda represents one... i never said that he IS a ninja... and you basically said all that i said was an insult to Darth Vader and the Star Wars fanbase... those are you words and i took it as it was said... you should be sorry, because you said something that was un-called for
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    PS: you did insult me... and you shouldnt be proud of it... that was a low blow and you know it
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    explain to me what a Ninja/samari is to you... personally i belive you are thinking of a different thing
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    My inbox is ready. Sorry about that, I should apply frequent flyer miles to the people who msg me.
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    hay question how i spend my vcash and how i make more?
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    No problem, glad you like it
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