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    Bioshock Infinite Review

    Bioshock Infinite


    The newest entry in the Bioshock series is the best so far. The setting is moved from Rapture, a city underwater, to Columbia, a city in the sky. The story sucked me in from the moment Booker DeWitt is introduced and kept me on the edge of my seat until the end. There were times where I would lose track of time while I explored Columbia and it's dark secrets. Infinite will blow your mind, and is truly one of the only games that'll make you play through multiple times leaving you mind f*cked. Just when you thought that you knew what was happening, Booker's world is flipped again. The game itself serves as a lesson and leaves you wanting more.

    I can't even explain the game using proper english, which makes writing this review much more difficult. It is the perfect example of a game being considered art. If I had to compare Infinite and it's story to something, it would be a ROLLER COASTER. The game slowly builds up to the mid point, like a roller coaster climbing to the top, then the story changes your view on the game quickly, like the best part of the roller coaster. When the story ends, it leaves you wanting it again, like wanting to ride it again.


    I can't explain the story. It would be considered one giant spoiler, instead I will talk about the characters. Booker DeWitt is the main character. Booker is a mercenary/Pinkerton agent that has been through hell and back. He has "AD" branded into his hand, and his wife and child are both dead. He has the shittiest of lives, until he finds work.

    "Bring us the Girl, and wipe away the Debt"

    Sounds simple enough, right? WRONG. This one statement will follow you and Booker throughout the entire story, and it will echo throughout your mind as you experience the game. Booker's assignment is to find a girl named Elizabeth, who has the ability to create "tears" in time. Tears are entry ways to alternate universes. At the very beginning of the game, you hear Elizabeth ask Booker a simple question, and he responds with an answer that defines the plot of the game.

    (Elizabeth) "Are you afraid of God?"
    (Booker) "No, I'm afraid of you Elizabeth"

    The main villain of the story is Zachary Hale Comstock. He is the man behind Columbia, the man who has Elizabeth locked up, the man who tries to kill Booker. I can't say much about him, as he is too related to the story.


    One of the best scores I've ever heard in a game. There were times where I would put down the controller and listen to the music. The game also pokes fun at modern music through Elizabeth's tears (you hear CCR, Pink, and Frank Sinatra).

    Replay value


    Story - 9.75/10
    Music - 9.25/10
    Graphics - 10/10
    Playability - 9.5/10
    Entertainment - 10/10
    Concept - 10/10

    OVERALL - 9.75/10

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    Re: Bioshock Infinite Review

    In my opinion the story was, not sure how to put it, not bad not good, not average... but there was something off.
    the entire start of the story felt like i was reliving bioshock 2, minor Spoiler then we started hitting dimension jumping and it started being different and something new (which i have some thing that dont sit right with me), but i dont feel it actually got good at this point either, it was kinda dry at this point, padded, there wasn't much of interest going on here, though things were happening i didn't care about them, the character didn't care about them, and it played no real necessary story elements. And then we hit the end which was interesting and thought provoking made you question what was happening earlier in the game, the end was by far the best part and great at that and it seems to have carried many peoples opinions of the story all on its own. but i still feel the rest of it was a bit bogged down.

    Now for spoiler section:
    So when tear jumping and Elizabeth is bringing things in from other dimensions she says she can't really control where it goes at all.

    so should some tears lead to dimensions where Columbia doesn't exist, we know that's possible because of then ending when they end up in rapture and Columbia doesn't exist there, every time line where Booker doesn't take the baptism i am assuming that a Columbia never exist (as there are only the two outcomes from that and Columbia exist in the one where he does take it and at the start of the game Booker is says he never heard of Columbia before), so there need to be as many Booker's as their is Comstocks or their wouldn't be an Elizabeth to kidnap for each of them and the different dimensions would be drastically different. and then when we do dimension jump why do we not find other Bookers or Elizabeths like we see at the end, they have to exist in some degree. And then at the end why does Booker become his younger self instead of his younger self existing like when Comstock took Elizabeth also why is there only one booker and multiple Elizabeths and only one Booker when they all had a Booker free them...

    I think the ending could be much more powerful if you had to drown your younger self and you watch the Elizabeths and alternate yous dissapear until you dissapear.

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    Re: Bioshock Infinite Review

    I loved this game. The setting for the game was so immersive and beautiful. I actually really loved the story. It was the driving force of the game. The ending...just wow. The game wasn't perfect though, mostly because I felt like the actual gameplay needed a little more variety.

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