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    Sound from Party Chat

    What up, community:

    Quick question.

    Has anybody ever recorded their party chat conversations during playthroughs? If I was to make a video, or make an FC video for the community, it would be really funny to get some of that funny commentary people have. It would be nice to know any equipment specs people use.

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    Re: Sound from Party Chat

    lol yeah I wonder why no one else has done this
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    Re: Sound from Party Chat

    would be hard to do, youd need an adapter to grab your mics output and an adapter to get the game chat output to your headset, youd then have to sync it with video, unless you are recording live then youd just have a mic for your voice and output game chat through the tvs speakers thus allowing your capture card to record that.

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    Re: Sound from Party Chat

    This is the setup I am currently using.
    ~Roxio HD Game Capture Card
    ~Turtle Beach x11
    ~HDMI from Xbox to Roxio, from Roxio to TV

    Turn on play voice chat through headset and speakers.
    I use my computer mic to record my own voice.

    There are several ways of recording your own voice though. I know Clearsh0t is doing a differently way

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    Re: Sound from Party Chat

    Interesting...I'll look into that. Thanks!

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    Re: Sound from Party Chat

    I use Audacity (on my computer) with my HD PVR2 and my Turtle Beaches x12. And then I just merge the two clips together.

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