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    FC Pokemon league gym list

    sense i dont want this league to die before it starts im making the gym list please post what gym you guys want and also have a legal team on that gym on pokemon showdown.

    rules(they are arguable)

    limited options(you may only do one of the following)
    one wild card-(pokemon that not your gym type)

    unlimited-(must do all)
    up to two of the same items only
    no ban items(quick claw,soul dew,increase evasion)
    no ban pokemon and/or ubers

    changes to your gym
    can be any battle format as long as its OU(single,double,triple,r otation)
    can decide the amount of pokemon and the challenger have as long as there equal (4-6 only though)
    also if you guys can post opinions on the rules that will be great.

    this is just to have a firm idea on whos going to be what gym, please post here your prefer gym type/types
    and i will post whos on what gym, this is no first come first serve until the list is complete people with there type they absolutely want can battle me or a volunteer on showdown and it will be decided on who gets the gym by them.
    also if you get a creative idea for a gym that isnt just base of type then pm me about it and we will discussed it.

    gym List
    3.purple -fly
    8.BR Snivy- Ice

    types requested
    BR Snivy- Ice
    JamieDJ8887- electric
    (implied)JonOU- steel
    (confused but still used)verbotenDonkey-fire/ghost
    Fiery Grave-fire
    list will close on wed the 15
    for ppl with two of the same type example grave/donkey/riphelix please msg/meet with me on here or xbox to finalizes your types

    -UPDATE to the power of 2---
    alright guys,guys
    Please see post 22 GT:BR Snivy
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    Re: FC Pokemon league gym list

    electric please
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    Re: FC Pokemon league gym list

    Already set up a steel build sooooo.

    Also ideas to the rules:
    1. No legendaries (wouldn't fit the whole gym aspect)
    2. No wildcards UNLESS they pertain to what you do in your build

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    Re: FC Pokemon league gym list

    Ditto and Smeargle only Gym, get on my level.

    I would go Fire/Ghost but I doubt I have time for this. Personally, I'd like to do this on the MMO or some other game and have the feeling of adventure as you raise your own Pokemon, but the other way is faster and probably best for your needs.
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    Re: FC Pokemon league gym list

    Seems good, but no legendaries, it messes with the whole gym motif. So if we complete a gym team, do we place it on here in a post?
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    Re: FC Pokemon league gym list

    umm, ill change the legend rule, you should make the team and not revile it for the type your going for, but if your confused or question on the other rules and want to make sure you got them right you can pm me your team. one more thing also include items and abiltys

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    Re: FC Pokemon league gym list

    well now, how about i break the rule by having a "legendaries" gym?

    If not, i guess i'll go water. i'll work on a team soon.
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    Re: FC Pokemon league gym list

    I've already got a fire team from when this was being discussed before. But I can change that if need be. Just let me know.
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    Re: FC Pokemon league gym list

    I'll take Dark-type. I can be a gym or even the Elite Four, or the Champion, it's up to you guys.

    As for legendaries: Not in gyms, but I think each trainer in the league can have 1 legendary registered with them, and no one else can have that same legendary in the league.

    In addition to these, I don't think we should have a wildcard rule. Just have pokemon that fit your general scheme. (AKA, if you have a dragon gym, then I can't imagine a reason you CAN'T have a Charizard, since it's basically a dragon). Having wildcards defeats the challenge. Like if you challenge my gym with fighting-types in mind, you'll get destroyed. I've had eight challengers in the past two weeks who thought they could stack their team with fighting-types and take me on, and the battles were pathetically short.

    We also need to have a challenger registration set of rules so each person's team is personal and quite a bit more static, like the gym leaders.

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    Re: FC Pokemon league gym list

    i plain to have a challenger regiestion thread after we have a set on the gym and after we have a set on gyms we will need to have a e4 set.e4 to me will probably can have dual types kinda like the kanto e4

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