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    PendulumBlainz Pick-UP

    Here we go! Sig #2 Completed for the day. I am happy to give you your first true sig! Because I know you said you never had one. SO! I made 2 versions for you.

    Lesson 1- Less is more. The first version is all the text you want. I personally have a hard time making a lot of text look decent on my artwork. I also feel that it takes away from the focal point.. in this case your spartan.

    I will let you decide which one you like best. The 2nd version is just your gamertag (i like that more) You can always add your quote in the sig yourself.

    I will provide codes, just put these codes in your signature on your profile and the image should appear. I also gave you a matching avatar!


    HTML Code:

    HTML Code:

    HTML Code:

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    Re: PendulumBlainz Pick-UP

    Wow. I really like this one, looks sweet. Great work as always Raz And I agree with you, I like the one with his gamertag more.
    "Pollen is bee semen, right?" -PolychromeVirus, 2016

    "Your forefathers wisely set aside their compassion. Steeled themselves for what needed to be done.
    I see now why they left you behind. You were weak, and gods must be strong." -Prophet of Truth

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    Re: PendulumBlainz Pick-UP

    dude raz thats sick your the best ive ever seen with this kind of stuff truly great work man i really appreciate it

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    Re: PendulumBlainz Pick-UP

    Great to hear Pendy

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    Re: PendulumBlainz Pick-UP

    Oooh, I like this one a lot.
    "You cannot judge me; I am Justice itself!
    We were meant for more than this, to protect the innocent!
    But if our precious laws bind you all to inaction, then I will no longer stand as your brother!"

    "Also, is English your first language? I want to be sure we're communication clearly here."

    "I want to be sure we're communication clearly here."

    "we're communication clearly here."

    - Jam Cliché

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    Re: PendulumBlainz Pick-UP

    Great work as always Raz

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    Re: PendulumBlainz Pick-UP

    I'd suggest putting those to good use ASAP!

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