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Thread: Spidey fans!

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    Spidey fans!

    We have many great members on this site, but some of them don't get appreciation. Do they cry about it? No. They continue to be awesome because they can take it. He is the hero FC doesn't deserve. He is Spiderman.

    Spiderman has the power to single handedly win the war, but he doesn't because he wants everyone to have fun. He is always holding back so others don't feel bad about their halo skill. If anyone has a problem, Spiderman is there to help.

    Spiderman will forever be in our hearts wherever we shall go. He is always watching. Everyone say the things you love about spiderman here, and open the door in your heart and let your Lord and savior Spiderman in.

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    Re: Spidey fans!

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    Re: Spidey fans!


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